WakeOnLan - Shutdown - Mount - Plugin

What is the main function of WakeOnLan/Mount/Shutdown plugin ?

This Plugin supports the remote power on, power off, mount and

unmount of a fileserver or an other dreambox manualy over the

remote control or on boot and schutdown of the dreambox.

Which requieries are important ?

- To start a coumputer remotely. You need wake on lan.

If you will put on your remote computer, the BIOS and your

networkinterface have to support wake on lan. I'm not shure,

if the dremboxes support wake on lan. My 7025 does not


Which components would be installed ?

On The dreamboxes and the fileservers a deamon/service

would be executed, to check if the remote computer is

online and shutdown the remote computer.

Additional on the dreambox works a plugin to control

the remote comupers.

How works the WakeOnLan/Shutdown plugin installation ?

New installation/Update DM7025

0. download and copy wakelan_1.1-r2_mipsel.ipk and wol_1.0_mipsel.ipk to /tmp

1. Make a telnet login

2. ipkg install /tmp/wakelan_1.1-r2_mipsel.ipk

3. ipkg install /tmp/wol_1.0_mipsel.ipk

4. reboot

New installation/Update DM800HD,DM800SE,DM8000,DM7020HD

0. download and copy wol_1.2_all.ipk to /tmp

1. Make a telnet login

2. opkg install /tmp/wol_1.2_all.ipk

3. reboot

New installation/Update DM7080HD, DM820HD

0. download and copy wol_2.0_all.ipk to /tmp

1. Make a telnet login

2. ipkg install /tmp/wol_2.0_all.ipk

3. reboot

Installation on a linux server:

0. download and copy wol_1.0.tar.bz2 to /tmp

1. Make a telnet/ssh einloggen or open a terminal on your

graphical desktop

2. cd /

3. tar -xjvf /tmp/wol_1.0.tar.bz2

4. reboot

Installation on a newer linux server like Debian 8.2, which use systemd to start programs at startup time:

0. download and copy wol_2.0_systemd.tar.bz2 to /tmp

1. Make a telnet/ssh einloggen or open a terminal on your

graphical desktop

2. su

3. cd /

4. tar -xjvf /tmp/wol_2.0_systemd.tar.bz2

5. systemctl enable wol.service

6. reboot

Installation on WindowsXP

1. Download WakeOnLanSetup.msi

2. Start WakeOnLanSetup.msi with the explorer

3. Restart Windows

Installation on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Home Server, usw.

1. Download WakeOnLanSetup2016.msi

2. Start WakeOnLanSetup2016.msi with the explorer

3. Start cmd with administration rights

4. C:

5. cd \

6. cd *x86*

7. cd Aladin25

8. cd Wake*

7. install

8. Username: .\administrator

9. Put in Password 2 times

10. Start ControlPanel

11. View: Choose Short Symbols

12. Click administration

13. Doubleclick Services

14. Search WakeOnLan and double click it

16. Choose Login

17. Choose local systemaccount

18. Click Ok

19. Start service

20. Allow Firewall for UDP connections of port 25255 .

How can I configure the plugin ?

On the Linux/Windows server is no more configuration


Configuration on a Dreambox

The configuration works with the wol.config command on

a telnet session. Enter simply wol.conf.

First you add a new remotecomputer. You need a

computername, the IP address and the MAC address.

You decide additionaly, if you wan't to put on or off this

computer remotly during boot and shutdown of the dreambox.

Optionaly you can add a remote NFS/SAMBA filesystem.

How can I calc the MAC address

Linux: On a telnet session put in ifconfig.

Windows: Klick on start-execute, put in cmd and execute,

and put in "ipconfig /all"

How can I check the configuration ?

1. Make a telnet login

2. wolctl isonline <Remotecomputername>

If the remote computer is online, wolctl says "Server (<remote computername>) is online"

If the remote computer is offline, wolctl says "Server (rRemote computername>) is offline"

If the remote comuputer is online and wolctl says this computer is offline, then put

off your firewall shortly. Make a new online check. If the check works, put on

your firewall and open the port 25255 on the firewall for your local network. It's

important to check if this port is closed on the internet.

On the blue key of your remote control, you can check if the remote schutdown and

wake request works fine.

if the wake up request does'n work:

1. Check MAC-Adresse.

2. Check BIOS settings.

3. You can put a wake on lan request, with the following telnet command:

wakelan <MAC-Adresse, z.B. 00:A9:35:2B:C5:F0>

On Linux you can check the Wake On Lan posibilty with the following

telnet command:

ethtool eth0

The following output tells you that the Networkinterface supports wake on lan:

Supports Wake-on: pumbg

Wake-on: g

How can I cancel a remote shutdown request ?

When the dreambox a remote shutdown request sends you have 5 minutes

to stop the shutdown request.

On Linux the telnet command "shutdown -c" stops the shutdown request.

On Windows execute with start->execute the cmd command and put in

shutdown -a or you can add a link "Cancel Shutdown" on the desktop

with the following command: "C:WINDOWSsystem32shutdown.exe -a"