The LCD-Digital-Skin changes the view of the lcd-display.


The version after 2.0 have more skins for selection. You can

select one of the following skins:

1. LcdDigital - Thats the skin of version 1.3

2. LcdDigitalPlus - Similar to LcdDigital plus name of the movie

and remaining time.

3. LcdDigitalLogo - That is the LCDDigital-Skin with transmitter-

picon instead of the transimtter name.

4. LcdLogoFortschritsanzeige - This is a skin with a transmitter-

picon and a big progression bar.

5. LcdLogo - This is a skin only with a big transmitter-picon

6. LcdDigitalSpezial - This is a skin with a big progressbar and

a chaniging transmitter-picon/clock.

7. LcdDigitalSpezialPlus - LcdDigitalSpezial-Skin plus name of

the movieand remaining time.

8. MainMenu - This is the LcdDigitalSpezial-Skin with the

default mainmenu for all skins and picon view in the infobar.

On Skins with transmitter-picon, the transmitter-picon will blink

during a recordng and viewing the transmittername if the

picon not exist.

New installation/Update DM7025

1. Copy the lcd-digital-skin_6.5_mipsel.ipk to /tmp of the DM7025.

2. Copy the egle-picons-lcd-digital-skin_2.2_mipsel.ipk to /tmp of the DM7025 kopieren

3. login with telnet

4. ipkg install /tmp/lcd-digital-skin_6.5_mipsel.ipk

5. ipkg install /tmp/egle-picons-lcd-digital-skin_2.2_mipsel.ipk

6. killall -9 enigma2

New installation/Update DM800HD, DM800SE, DM8000HD, DM7020HD

1. Copy the lcd-digital-skin_6.5_all.ipk to /tmp of the Dreambox

2. Copy the picons-lcd-digital-skin-astra-hotbird-ref_2.2_2014.05.25_all.ipk to /tmp of the Dreambox

3. Login with telnet

4. opkg install /tmp/lcd-digital-skin_6.5_all.ipk

5. opkg install /tmp/picons-lcd-digital-skin-astra-hotbird-ref_2.2_2014.05.25_all.ipk

6. killall -9 enigma2

New installation/Update DM7080HD,DM820HD

1. Copy the lcd-digital-skin_7.0_all.deb to /tmp of the DM7025

2. Copy picons-lcd-digital-skin-astra-hotbird-ref_3.0-2014.11.15_all.deb to /tmp of the Dreambox

3. Login with telnet

4. dpkg -i /tmp/lcd-digital-skin_7.0_all.deb

5. dpkg -i /tmp/picons-lcd-digital-skin-astra-hotbird-ref_3.0-2014.11.15_all.deb

6. killall -9 enigma2

Deinstallation DM7025

1. Make a telnet login

2. ipkg remove lcd-digital-skin

3. ipkg remove cf-sky-picons-lcd-digital-skin

4. killall -9 enigma2

Deinstallation DM800HD, DM800SE, DM8000HD, DM7020HD

1. Make a telnet login

2. opkg remove lcd-digital-skin

3. opkg remove picons-lcd-digital-skin-astra-hotbird-ref

4. killall -9 enigma2

Deinstallation DM7080HD, DM820HD

1. Make a telnet login

2. dpkg -r lcd-digital-skin

3. dpkg -r picons-lcd-digital-skin-astra-hotbird-ref

4. killall -9 enigma2


You can configure the LCD-Digital-Skin over menu->extensions->LCD-Digital-Skin.

1. LcdDigital-Plugin: - Here you can put the LcdDigital-Plugin on/off

2. Skin: - Here you can select the LcdDigital-Skin

3. Sendertextlänge: - Here you can cut the length in characters of the transmittername

4. Sendertextgröße: - Here you can change the size of the transmittername

5. (Screenname1): - Here you can put on/off the 1. screen individualy

6. (Screenname2): - Here you can put on/off the 2. screen individualy

7. (Screenname3): - Here you can put on/off the 3. screen individualy

8. and so on

You see only screens of the selected skin.

On default you see the skin of the version 1.x.

By example you can make the transmitter-text bigger with the follwing settings:

Senderlänge = 10

Sendertextgröße = 120

How can I make my own transmitter-picons

The tranmitter-picons are in the follwing directories:

Flash: /usr/share/enigma2/LcdDigital/LcdDigitalPicons/Picons{Gross,Klein,Mittel}

CF: /media/cf/LcdDigital/LcdDigitalPicons/Picons{Gross,Klein,Mittel}

USB: /media/usb/LcdDigital/LcdDigitalPicons/Picons{Gross,Klein,Mittel}

The transmitter-picons have the name of the transmitter and they are

png-files. The png-files have the following properties:

1. 8 Bit greyline PNG-Bitmap

2. Representation: Inverse

3. Size: PiconsGross - 120 x 64 PiconsMittel - 93 x 50 PiconsKlein - 56 x 30

How can I make my own skin

The skins ara in the follwoing directory:


Here you find the skins as XML-files.

By Example: MainMenu.xml

<skin on="on">

<basisskin name="LcdLogoFortschritsanzeige.xml"></basisskin>


<font filename="lcd_digital.ttf" name="LCDDIGI" scale="100" />

<font filename="demo.ttf" name="DEMO" scale="100" />


<!-- Main menu -->

<screen name="menu_mainmenu" position="150,150" size="420,285" title="Main menu" >

<widget source="title" render="Label" position="170,10" size="280,35" font="Regular;23" />

<widget source="menu" render="Listbox" position="170,55" size="230,225" scrollbarMode="showOnDemand" >

<convert type="StringList" />


<widget source="menu" render="Pixmap" pixmap="skin_default/menu/shutdown.png" position="20,20" size="128,128" >

<convert type="MenuEntryCompare">standby_restart_list</convert>

<convert type="ConditionalShowHide" />




The LCD-Digital-Skin have a <skin>-tag with a <basisskin>-,<fonts>- and some <screen>-tags.

With the "on" property you can decide if the skin will be shown in the skin-selection of the setup. When you set on="off" you set a base-skin and you can not select it on the setup.

Skins can be inherit. You define it with the <basisskin>-tag. In the example above the MainMenu inhertits all fonts and sreens from LcdLogoFortschritsanzeige and overload the fonts "LCDDIGI", "DEMO" and the Screen "menu_mainmenu". The order of the inherits folows:

1. Skin from python-code

2. default-skin (default,nemesis,and so on)

3. base-skin

4. first derivation

5. second derivation

6. third derivation

7. and so on

The <screen>-Tags and the <fonts>-Tag are the same as for normal skins.


1. Make and work on copy of your own-skin. Don't use the default skin-names, because they can be lost on a update.

2. When you become repeating bluescreens you can stop them with the following commands:

1. Make a telnet login
2. lcddigital off